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Ashura Crackers Now Illegal

The Muslim world celebrates the Day of Ashura on November 3rd or 4th, depending on which country you are in. It is the tenth day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar but now fireworks are banned from the festivities

While the Day of Ashura in Sunni Morocco has been traditionally a day of celebration and joy, it is celebrated differently by Shia Muslims, who see it as a day of mourning.

In Morocco the local customs associated with Ashura vary across the country. People exchange pastry and mixes of nut fruits and dried raisins and apricots. Children play with fireworks in the streets and on the eve of Ashura light a fire called the Sh'ala (Arabic: الشعالة‎) and parents and family buy toys for their children.

However, Ashura fireworks may be a thing of the past.

A law published in the last issue of the Official Journal comes to put an end to the noises and clashes caused by pyrotechnic materials (firecrackers, artificial or "recreational meteors"(sky rockets) ...) during the festival of Ashura.

It is now official: Law No. 22.16 on explosive substances for civil use, artificial meteors and leisure equipment containing pyrotechnic materials has officially entered into force. According to this law, the festival of Ashura will no longer know the habits practiced by spoilers exploding firecrackers or other products of this kind.

According to Article 54 of the said law, culprits are liable to imprisonment for 2 to 5 years, in addition to a fine ranging from DH 50,000 to DH 500,000 or both, any person in illegal possession of explosive materials or artificial meteors. The penalty also applies to persons who illegally import or manufacture pyrotechnic materials.

Article II of the Law published in the Official Gazette No. 6694 stipulates the creation of a National Explosives Commission, which will be responsible for expressing an opinion with regard to the legislative and regulatory provisions governing explosive materials, artificial meteors and recreational equipment containing pyrotechnic materials. The said Commission will also endeavour to study the decisions of the regional explosives commissions with a view to guaranteeing security and serenity to Moroccans.


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