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Court Case Against Morocco's Time Change

The lawyers Union in Morocco is to challenge the back the government on its decision to keep the official time to GMT + 1, describing the government decree as unconstitutional

"A commission is preparing the file to be filed with the administrative chamber of the court of cassation," said union president, Master Raji Lhoucine. The lawyers' union of Morocco intends to plead the "unconstitutionality" of the decree by arguing the lack of consultation of citizens prior to taking this decision." "Moreover, the study on which this decision was based has never been made public," continues the lawyer.

Second grievance considered against the decree: says it is a breach of public order. "The change of time disturbs the social order. Abrupt changes in school and administrative hours may destabilize citizens in their family habits, but also in their relationship with public services. Add to that the risks of insecurity," argues Raji Lhoucine.

According to the union president, the lawyers' commission will present the case to the courts in the coming weeks.


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