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The "Sound and Light of Fez" to Return

After many years of absence the "Sound and Light of Fez", an initiative dedicated to the revival of the tourist animation of the city is back. A convention was concluded in this direction during the October session of the Fez Commune. The show will be funded up to 2 million DH jointly by the Council of the Region (1.5 million DH) and the Commune (500,000 DH).

The Commune of Fes undertakes to make available to the Foundation "Spirit of Fez" all buildings and equipment existing within the structure 'Sound and Light of Fez', in order to exploit them and allow it to start its activities.

The original son et lumière was held in the evenings in a small amphitheatre in Borj Sud. Borj Sud «the Southern tower» was built by the Saadian Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour Addahbi (the golden) in a period of time ranging between 1587 and 1609 by Portuguese prisoners in order to improve the defence of the Medina and to intimidate the local Fassi population.

The southern fort is located face en face with the northern tower, the two towers are said to be linked with an underground tunnel used by soldiers and guards to cross the Medina quickly and freely with their horses, but nowadays this tunnel is closed. Some people think that the tunnel has never existed - hopefully, time will tell.

The tower offers a panoramic view over the Old Medina and its environs, and that is why it hosted the original sound and light of Fez show.


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