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This year, the Fes Festival audience were left a little deflated, reeling from all of this week’s performances but unsure how to digest an oddly put together two-part closing concertReviewAfter a slow
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Mohammed BriouelOn the penultimate day of the Fes Festival, it has become something of a tradition to give the locals a treat with one of their favourites - the Arabo-Andalus Orchestra of Fes, directe
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While Fes was buzzing about the concert by the great Youssou Ndour, there were other wonderful performances today - especially the concert by Homayoun Sakhi from Afghanistan.Review Homayoun Sakhi - Th
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Another day and more interesting performances at the Fes Festival under sunny skies and with warm temperaturesReviewsKol Cole- Synagogue Another false start was on the cards today, as festival-goers
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From a somber Canticum Novum performance, through a masterly Celtic bagpipe display, to an all female Rajasthani delight, it was a mixed day at the Fes Festival Canticum NovumCanticum Novum - Fra
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An odd day at the Fes Festival  - an afternoon launched with a soundtrack of cars, insects and bells followed by an evening starting with chaos, long delays and over zealous security guards - yet
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Under a full moon in Fez, Marcel Khalife and his ensemble charmed and enthralled the audience at Bab Makina Marcel KhalifeREVIEWVenetia Menzies“Uhibuk!” (I love you!) screamed a member of the aud
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A beautiful day in Fez with Irish fairies in the gardens and the UK's Sami Yusuf captivating the crowd at Bab Makina in a concert that started on time!Singers emerged from the audienceReviewVenetia Me
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OPENING CREATION - FES, MEMORY OF THE FUTUREReviewVenetia MenziesTonight's concert was themed around the diverse cultural history of Fes, a city that has been shaped by many influences: Amazigh, Arab,
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