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Following in the footsteps of the many Sufi musicians of the past, who had famously travelled to this ancient city to unearth its wisdom, the Fes Festival 2019 attracted an eclectic mix of artists fro
ViewFromFes 26.06.2019 0 44

This year, the Fes Festival audience were left a little deflated, reeling from all of this week’s performances but unsure how to digest an oddly put together two-part closing concertReviewAfter a slow
ViewFromFes 23.06.2019 0 58

Mohammed BriouelOn the penultimate day of the Fes Festival, it has become something of a tradition to give the locals a treat with one of their favourites - the Arabo-Andalus Orchestra of Fes, directe
ViewFromFes 22.06.2019 0 48

While Fes was buzzing about the concert by the great Youssou Ndour, there were other wonderful performances today - especially the concert by Homayoun Sakhi from Afghanistan.Review Homayoun Sakhi - Th
ViewFromFes 21.06.2019 0 26

Another day and more interesting performances at the Fes Festival under sunny skies and with warm temperaturesReviewsKol Cole- Synagogue Another false start was on the cards today, as festival-goers
ViewFromFes 20.06.2019 0 23

From a somber Canticum Novum performance, through a masterly Celtic bagpipe display, to an all female Rajasthani delight, it was a mixed day at the Fes Festival Canticum NovumCanticum Novum - Fra
ViewFromFes 19.06.2019 0 20

An odd day at the Fes Festival  - an afternoon launched with a soundtrack of cars, insects and bells followed by an evening starting with chaos, long delays and over zealous security guards - yet
ViewFromFes 18.06.2019 0 21

Under a full moon in Fez, Marcel Khalife and his ensemble charmed and enthralled the audience at Bab Makina Marcel KhalifeREVIEWVenetia Menzies“Uhibuk!” (I love you!) screamed a member of the aud
ViewFromFes 17.06.2019 0 13

A beautiful day in Fez with Irish fairies in the gardens and the UK's Sami Yusuf captivating the crowd at Bab Makina in a concert that started on time!Singers emerged from the audienceReviewVenetia Me
ViewFromFes 16.06.2019 0 10

OPENING CREATION - FES, MEMORY OF THE FUTUREReviewVenetia MenziesTonight's concert was themed around the diverse cultural history of Fes, a city that has been shaped by many influences: Amazigh, Arab,
ViewFromFes 15.06.2019 0 10
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