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The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is on from the 22nd to 30th of June and The View From Fez needs a photojournalist to join our team in Morocco!If you have the necessary skills to work fast and e
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According to the US site Bloomberg, Airbnb and will be taxed in Morocco from 2019. It is seen as a victory for Moroccan hoteliers and travel agencies, and will result in a possible price i
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The 14th Fez International Festival of Amazigh culture on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May. It is a rare chance to learn more about Amazigh (Berber) cultureThe festival features an international forum a
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THE VIEW FROM FEZ ~ YOUR WINDOW INTO MOROCCO The View from Fez aims to promote interest and understanding of life in Fez in particular and Morocco in general. Company: The View from Fez (Pat: 40461390).
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Everything you need to know about the beauty of Morocco & the hospitality of Moroccans..
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My mission to be one that seeks to assist in the creation and defense of a secure, democratic and just international system, free from hegemony, violence, terrorism, persecution, slavery and extremism of any kind..
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News about World Music
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