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laila benhalima

Laila Benhalima is a Moroccan artist, was born in Rabat Morocco.  She has amazed the world with her talent and painting for so many years. What is most staggering, though, is that she started painting when she was just five years old. By the time she was ten, Laila’s paintings were extremely complex, yet full of life.

At a very young age, Laila has been living in her own 
world & found her own way to communicate through her art.  The natural world - especially the lush, fertile landscape and energy all of which have originated from her North African culture communicate her personal response to nature through her paintings that is full of so much energy showcasing the vibrant colors, history, and imagery of one of the world's most alluring continents with African abstract paintings.

While Laila is in action painting some the most complex and beautiful pieces of Art, she dances around those colorful stars that can not shine without darkness.  Laila is always full of so much energy, passion and she is always eager to share her deep thoughts with the world through her painting as to how complex our universe is and how she can turn sadness, loneliness and darkness into unconditional love that the world needs today more than ever before.  

Laila is Pharmacist by profession and Artist & Coach at heart.  Not only
 is she a hard-working pharmacistbut she also has a knack for the Art & painting.  One of her goals has been not only promoting peace & love through Art, but also to encourage students to become involved in Art in hopes they can achieve their own recognition as promising Artists.  

Her influence as an Artist-woman has been widely felt, and had a great positive impact throughout her community & around her native country Morocco. 

Welcome to my world !

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