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Recently, View from Fez published an article at:  http://tinyurl.com/pxo7nqo stating that the Governor of Fes has prohibited Female Moroccans from serving in Bars. 

We fully SUPPORT the Governor of Fes and we NEED your voice to support this initiative.

What-is-so-called industry professionals reaction has been swift and fierce.  Really ? And we say who are these characters who tend to make these unethical decisions for the fate of our country? If you are a Western and trying to impose your FILTH on us, then we ask you to take your FILTH back where you belong; however, if this what-is-so-called industry professionals who happened to be made of Moroccans, yet you call yourselves Muslim, you ought be ashamed of yourselves.. Rather than protecting the great values of our Moroccan heritage, you are following nothing but GREED regardless if your lousy action will heart the great reputation of our La Blad.. 

As we all know, Bars and Alcohol are already allowed throughout Morocco, that’s not what we are fighting against, but why would you promote Moroccan Females to serve in Bars unless you are planning to turn these Bars to Porn-shows, which is exactly where this is leading to.

We have a question for these characters - better yet, lets keep our professional mask on and keep their professional name industry professionals - When you go to the Bar to get drunk, why would you want a female to serve you ?  The Bar owner can train even a Monkey to serve you for that matter, does that make a difference ? 

Are you going to the Bar to get drunk or going to a Porn-House looking for a full package ? 

Moroccan Female Bartender

Today, we will see innocents girls serving liquor similar to the picture above..

And tomorrow they will turn these innocents girls to hookers.. And now I can have a drink and wonder around in her sexy bra too. Who knows, I just might give her a good tip & take her home.. 

Moroccan female Bartender

What we have seen in Mawazine is more than enough, today we say enough is enough !! We will not rest until we GET RID of the CORRUPTION altogether and sooner or later, we will !  As the Moroccan saying says: “Drop by drop and eventually we get a full River..”

WE SAY STOP THIS INSANITY RIGHT NOW !  This is unethical & most importantly you are ruining our great Moroccan values. Not to mention this is pure insult against a Muslim country including its great Islamic values.. 

In short, we are BEHIND the Governor of Fes & We SUPPORT him 500 percent !

We ask our community in Morocco & abroad to please join us in hopes to stop this insanity. We have two major platforms on which you can raise your VOICE and your CONCERNS - You can Join us at Twitter.com/Morocco as well as on MoroccoMaroc.com – We NEED your SUPPORT ! We will not REST until we eradicate the Virus that is destroying our LaBlad !!    

The corrupting act leads to loss of integrity, virtue and moral principles. The act of corruption is an act of changing or being changed, a departure from purity to impurity..

Please join us.. If we don't act now & if we don't raise our Voices & Concerns, WHO WILL ?

MoroccoMaroc.com Team
Serving Moroccan Community with Pride !

Signed by Jalil

Great initiative indeed !  I do support it !

We all know very well how corrupt our Government is, this is not unusual back home, but what I found very impressive is the fact that Mr. Governor (does anyone know his name?) did not tolerate this kind filth in the city of Fes, Otherwise this beautiful city can easily turn to Las Vegas, and as result, they can turn Moulahome Driss to Bar Driss. And while you at it, not only you can get drunk, you can pick a date too..  Maybe they should have plans:  Standard – Bronze or Gold:

Standard Plan: Get drunk only
Bronze Plan:    Get drunk + She will strip dance for you
Gold Plan:        Get drunk + She will strip dance for you + she can spend a night with you

Is this the best we can do for our community ?  Are we out of honorable jobs & this is the only alternative for the Moroccan Females to make a decent living ? What happened to education so they can better themselves and pursue better careers ?

Very sad.. Moroccan folks need to wake up and do something about this, otherwise, don’t be surprised to see our Daughters & Sons end up in Bars; better yet, they will be sold for Sex behind  Bars.  You don't need a genius to figure this out, we see where this is leading to, it is written allover the wall..


Oakbrook, United States
Signed on Aug 7th, 2015 10:18 PM
Signed by samira

I support this petition 

CA, Morocco
Signed on Aug 6th, 2015 1:02 AM
Signed by safwael

Yes, I do support the Governor of Fes. I am really surprised we actually have a decent man who does care about the community. As we all know, in this situation, they could easily bribe him to keep his mouth shut.. My hat's off to him & I slut him !!

You have my support Governor !!

Casa, Morocco
Signed on Aug 5th, 2015 3:21 AM
Signed by jamila1

Yes, I fully support the Governor of Fes and I SINCERELY thank him for standing up for those Crooks who are only after greed.  This is very humiliating !! Honestly Morocco is going in a wrong path. From what I've seen on Mawazine, the promotion of gays and the NOT doing much about the sexually abuse of our children, I can't help it but to say ENOUGH !! WE MUST STAND FOR THIS TOGETHER !

Thank you Bergag team - I love the idea of this petition to get the word out..


SF, United States
Signed on Aug 3rd, 2015 6:21 AM
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  •  jamila1: 
    Yes, I fully support the Governor of Fes and I thank him for standing up for some of the Moroccan Crooks who are only after greed. This is very humiliating !! Honestly Morocco is going in a wrong path, from what I've seen on Mawazine, the promotion of gays and the sexually abuse of our children, I can't help it but to say ENOUGH !!
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