Morocco timeline RSSMorocco timeline RSS2020-06-02T23:35:33+0000<![CDATA[Morocco added 5 new photos to album]]>2020-06-02T23:35:33+0000<![CDATA[Morocco added new blog post]]>Top 10 best-seller on Amazon (it was briefly at number one earlier this week), putting her tome in the storied company of Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’, Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’(which has just been made into a BBC drama) and the ‘Twilight Saga’ author Stephenie Meyer’s latest offering. It also rocketed straight into third place on the New York Times’ bestsellers list, sandwiched between Obama’s ‘Becoming’ and Erik Larson’s ‘The Splendid and the Vile’, a study of Winston’s Churchill’s leadership. And hey Google, guess what? It’s in the non-fiction list.   ‘Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science’, retailing at $17.91 plus shipping, is now temporarily out of stock, following an enormous surge in demand prompted by the outcry against the banned clip of ‘Plandemic’.   No doubt the media and big tech will chalk this one up as a ‘win’, because the clip is now unavailable on their platforms, but one imagines the royalties from her spike in book sales will cushion the blow for Dr Mikovits. She certainly seems happy, judging from her tweets. She is also now one of the most famous scientists on the planet and receiving even more coverage (some of which you are reading right now) – because her censorship has become the story.   There is a term for this type of occurrence: it is known as the ‘Streisand effect’. The name comes from a case back in 2003 where the actress and singer Barbra Streisand sued photographer Kenneth Adelman for $50 million to remove an aerial photograph of her California home from his collection of 12,000 publicly available photos documenting coastal erosion in the Golden State. Before the ‘Funny Girl star’ brought the action, the photograph of her home had been downloaded from Adelman’s website six times – two of which were by Streisand’s lawyers. After the case became public, the picture was downloaded more than 420,000 times over the course of a month, and Babs lost the case anyway. Oops.   As surely as what goes u... Read more

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