PrincessFati timeline RSSPrincessFati timeline RSS2018-11-10T22:27:28+0000<![CDATA[PrincessFati added 2 new photos to album]]>2018-11-10T22:27:28+0000<![CDATA[PrincessFati commented on a photo]]>Saudi Arabia is enemy to the world and should be sorted out. Reply Along with Israel, US and UK But was not it all supposed to be Iran's fault and responsibility ? At least according to Trump it is. That bozo may be does not have a mirror to look at. Reality of what is happening. Erdogan is simply letting them know "I KNOW". Now let's see WHAT you do or I will release to the Public to show your DOUBLE STANDARDS as it relates to Human Rights. The Saudi Kingdom is FINISHED !!!! The Saudi-Wahhabis are only US-British Empire puppets. Frau Merkel, Herr Trumpf, and Mr. Sawman will say Iran needs to be punished for this. you dont think the US has the saudi consulate bugged too? nothing will come from this, weapon sales are far too important. Saudis never answered for 9/11... Just a continuation of animals looking like people... it was a US / Israeli operation, that did not involve passenger planes at all Sorry, but I must strongly disagree. The Saud family consists of crypto-jews (Doenmeh-Frankist jews) and they collaborated fully with the US Deep State and the Mossad to cause the mass murder of 9/11. As much as I do despise Islam, the reason for the extraordinary crimes of the Saudi family is their closet Jewishness. The Saudi Royal family and their relatives in other nearby countries were not Donmeh Jews but Sabbatean and his followers. A Jewish Rabbi that was declared by most Jews as the Messiah; the son of God. He later converted to Islam and took some of his followers. Wahhabism is Sabattian. Why else would they have an open door policy with Israel at a time Israel kills Arabs as it likes. Why else would America give them whatever they wanted while denying Iran of life. They can get their oil from Iran or Venezuela or even Syria.

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