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Rabat - Fuel prices will decrease slightly starting today amid a socio-economic crisis that has weighed down low and average-income households.

Moroccan news outlet Le360 quoted the National Federation of Commercial Owners and Service Station Managers in Morocco, which reported a MAD 1 decrease in both gasoline and diesel prices per liter.

Fuel prices currently range between MAD 16 and 17, sparking frustration and anger among Moroccans across the country.

Some stations, however, will be forced to keep prices “unchanged” to avoid losses.

Gas prices have experienced significant drops across the world in the past few days. In the US, gasoline prices experienced a decline, with the average retail price for gasoline estimated at $4.631. 

The number represents a decline from the $5 prices which were prevalent a month ago, Reuters reported.

Moroccans have recently launched a campaign to denounce and protest the increases in fuel prices.

Hashtags demanding the resignation of Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch have been trending on social networks.

and are among the viral hashtags on Facebook and Twitter that protest the socio-economic crisis, particularly the increase in fuel prices.

People are also posting viral captions along with the tweet

“As a Moroccan citizen, I add my voice to the voice of truth and the general people who are suffering due to the increases in oil prices. For the Moroccan people, we are one hand against the government of Akhannouch,” the tweet reads.

Citizens are also calling for the government to offer gasoline prices at MAD 7 and diesel at MAD 8 to meet households’ purchasing power.

Source: Morocco World News