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A masterpiece of Arab-Muslim architecture, the Hassan 2 Mosque is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world.

Hassan 2 Mosque is actually unique in its architecture and size. With its minaret that rises to 200 m in height and has a 30km laser directed towards Mecca, it is considered to be the highest religious building in the world. The idea of building a large mosque in Casablanca reflects the Royal will to provide the Casablanca metropolis with a great spiritual and civilizational monument of Morocco, giving it a harmonious urban development and allowing it to increase its radiance and influence based on faith, piety and tolerance.

Building the Hassan 2 Mosque 

His late Majesty Hassan II, may God rest his soul, laid the foundation stone of this mosque on 5 Dou Al Kiida 1406 of the Hegira, corresponding to July 11, 1986. The construction works started under the effective and daily supervision of His Majesty Hassan II, who had made sure that this great building reflects the artistic specificities of authentic Moroccan architecture, while highlighting its openness to technological innovations.

Through this architectural masterpiece, His Majesty Hassan II wanted to highlight the importance and value of the Hassan 2 mosque among Moroccans throughout history, just as He wanted to show that this place of worship has played an important role in the promotion of authentic architectural art and the preservation of the civilizational heritage, especially since the Casablanca Hassan 2 mosque reflects the great talents of the Moroccan Artisan.

The building of the Hassan 2 mosque on the Atlantic Ocean inspired by the Qur'anic verse "the throne of God was upon the water" was a pioneering idea intended to invite believers who go to this mosque to remember the greatness of God who created the sea and the sky.

Therefore, the faithful who go there to pray, to praise the creator on firm soil, can contemplate God’s sky and ocean”. This dual relationship between water and land is truly evident in some areas of the mosque that have glass floors allowing worshippers to pray directly over and look upon the ocean.

The design of this work was the result of collaboration between the office of the French architect Michelle PINSEAU and the various Moroccan artisanal bodies that have created and revive by the hand of maâlem (master) beauty and the splendid seal of Moroccan architecture.

Expression of the symbiosis between a king and his people, the realization of this prestigious monument was financed thanks to the participation of all the Moroccan people who voluntarily answered the Royal call, each according to his means and his generosity .

This building was thus inaugurated on the occasion of the celebration by the Muslim world of aid al mawlid 12 Rabi I 1414 AH corresponding to August 30, 1993.

Towering over the ocean, this magnificent structure is easily seen from miles away. Commissioned by King Hassan II on July 9, 1980 and completed on August 30, 1993, the mosque emulates Moroccan culture and identity. A massive achievement and structure, the courtyard surrounding the mosque has the capacity to hold 80,000 people and the mosque itself can accommodate up to 25,000 people. Next to the mosque, rising into the sky, the minaret is the world’s tallest at 210 meters. During the night, laser beams shoot towards Mecca to aid worshippers with the city’s correct direction.