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“The country attacks many students from the rest of the continent,” TV5 Monde said.

A TV5 Monde report on medical studies in Morocco has said that students from all over Africa travel to the north African country to pursue their studies.

The report, aired on Sunday, explores how Morocco’s “excellent” universities attract many students from the rest of the continent.

“Morocco is renowned for having excellent medical services,” TV5 Monde wrote on its Twitter.

Souley, a 23-year old Cameroonian who has been studying in Casablanca for 4 years, told the French channel that he is satisfied with the teaching quality at his university.

The Cameronian student said he is studying to become a physiotherapist for top athletes.

“Morocco is one of the five flagship destinations in Africa alongside Tunisia, South Africa, Egypt, and Senegal,” he said of his choice.

Morocco receives every year more than 6,000 new applications, of which more than 80% come from African countries, TV5 Monde said.

The report emphasized the importance of the private sector, saying that Morocco has experienced an increase in both the quality and number of private establishments for medical training and practice.

According to many reports, Morocco has become an important destination for students from across the world.

In 2019, over 12,000 young Africans were enrolled in Moroccan universities and institutes.

Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Bourita, unveiled the figures during the 8th annual of the Summit of Students and Youth of Africa.

The Moroccan minister explained that Morocco has trained hundreds of thousands of students from 47 African countries. 

According to Statista, the highest number of students from northern Africa who were registered in Moroccan universities in 2019 hailed from Tunisia and Libya.


Source: Morocco World News