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Morocco is preparing to receive 2 million doses of Sinopharm vaccines from China early next week.

Citing “reliable sources,” TelQuel Arabia reports the two deliveries of the Chinese vaccines are scheduled for May 10 and May 11. 
The two Moroccan aircraft carriers that have left for Beijing will return carrying 1 million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine each, according to the report.

As the Chinese state-owned medical company has grown its production capability of the Sinopharm vaccine, Morocco is expecting an increased regularity of shipments in the coming months.

After a lull in Morocco’s vaccination campaign due to lack of availability of vaccines, the North African country was able to resume the process upon receiving half a million doses of the Chinese vaccines on April 26, and an additional half a million on April 30.

Morocco has received 2.5 million doses of the Chinese vaccine so far.

Last month, the speaker of the National People’s Congress of China, Li Zhanshu, informed Morocco of his country’s decision to supply Morocco with 10 million doses of the Snopharm vaccine in the coming months.

As of May 8, the first doses of Morocco’s national vaccination campaign have reached 5,473,809 Moroccans and residents, while  4,390,752 have received their second dose. 

Moroccan Ministry of Health announced on May 7 the expansion of its vaccination campaign to include 50 year-olds. Previously, the country’s vaccination was limited to populations aged 55 years and above.

COVID-19 infection rate in Morocco has maintained steady low numbers since early February. May 8 saw 314 new infections, bringing the total number of infections to 513,628. On the same day, only 7 people died of COVID-19-related complications.


source: moroccoworldnews