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Several countries and organizations expressed regret over Algeria's decision to cut relations with Morocco.

 The Arab League recommended its help to restore relations between Morocco and Algeria.

Hossam Zaki, deputy general secretary of the Arab League said that the organization announced the possibility and willingness to play a positive role to end the conflict between Rabat and Algiers.

In comments made during an interview with Sputnik, Zaki emphasized  that such an initiative from the Arab League would require the consent of both parties. 

Algeria announced its decision to sever ties with Morocco on August 24.

The Algerian government justified the move by claiming that Morocco had a hand in the tragic wildfires recently witnessed in the Kabylia region in northern Algeria.

Morocco denounced the accusations against it, describing Algeria’s claims as “fallacious.”

The Moroccan government also described the move as “unilateral” and “unjustified.”

Despite the prevailing tensions with Algeria, Morocco’s government said it remains committed to maintaining good relations with the Algerian people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Morocco will remain a “credible” and “loyal” partner for the Algerian people.

Several countries and organizations “regretted” Algeria’s decision to end diplomatic ties with Morocco, calling on the two North African nations to engage in dialogue to preserve regional stability and security.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Jordan, among others, have all called for dialogue between the two countries. 

France also urged the countries to settle their disagreements, with the deputy spokesman for the French foreign ministry saying that President Emmanuel Macron’s administration is committed to stability in the Maghreb.

The African Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation also issued a communique on Algeria’s decision to sever ties with Morocco, sharing their concerns about regional stability.


Source: Morocco World News.