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Very good point !!  Premièrement, on doit payer les charges de syndic. Je ss complètement d'accord et j'y adhère..

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American Drone Operator SPEAKING OUT !
He was among many young adults, who were told that their new occupation was to kill people and break things,” he said. Drone operators are “guys and gals” fresh out of high school, who are “basically video game snipers, four months of training, put into a position to make [life and death] decisions.”

Watching people being killed, even through a monitor from over 10,000km away, comes with a cost. Bryant saw the deaths of friendly soldiers, hostiles and innocent civilians, including those whose lives he helped end.

“‘Mental degradation’ would be a proper term,” he said, explaining how operators cope with the stress. “Every shot that we took – like they’re cheering, they are congratulating each other, they are high-fiving each other.”

It’s like a withering away of who you are.

Drone wars were launched under George W. Bush, but it was Barack Obama, who ramped up its use significantly, and Bryant was part of that surge. One of the most controversial drone strikes under the Democrat president – and one that impacted Bryant a lot – happened in Yemen in 2011. It killed 16-year-old US citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the son of US-Yemeni preacher and terrorist figure Anwar al-Awlaki. Also a US citizen, he was killed in a ‘signature strike’ two weeks prior.

Leaks from the US government indicated that Abdulrahman was a bystander killed in a legitimate strike targeting a senior Al-Qaeda operative. Bryant said he heard a different reasoning: “They said because they didn’t want him to become a figurehead.”


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Shop at PaliRoots.com & Support Palestine ! 
Just bought couple items for me and for my..  Palestine LIVES !! 

Not a good idea !  This is America's leftover being shoved into the Moroccan people.. I never brought this junk to my kids.. All parents should be extremely cautious in giving their kids Donuts that are filed with Sugar and God knows what..  

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The Moroccan Singer Isam Bachiri & the Egyptian Singer Hamza Namira | Before The Dawn | حمزة نمرة وعصام بشيري - قبل الفجر


Take me back to my family, I am done being in a foreign country.. By Hamza Namira

ريمكس مع حمزة نمرة | أغنية "شلشل عليه الرمان" من الفلكلور العراقي

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Apartment for Sale in Mohammedia - 5 minutes from the Beach & 5 minutes from Marjane & McDo..

Contact:  Jalil Aboufariss
email:  247mission.com@gmail.com

Few weeks ago, the Israeli embassy in Morocco was distributing Sadaqa, and now China is doing the same thing.. I am sick & tired to see other countries giving us a handout & Sadaqa ! Moroccans are capable of working and make a decent living on their own. Why such a humiliation ? As Moroccan, I am ashamed and disgusted to see what-is-so-called slavery still exist in 21st century while Morocco has enough resources for all Moroccans to live comfortably.. What we need is to eradicate Corruption/Rachwa, NOT Sadaqa & handout from others !

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"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.."
~Albert Einstein


Just beautiful ! Wishing you & everyone Ramadan Karim full of Prosperity, Joy & Success..

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All the great people who stand for FREE SPEECH & FREEDOM have been been suppressed by many politicians and not to mention Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest of the Gangs..  My hat's off to these Heroes !