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Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Using Pandemic to Enrich Billionaires as Millions Lose Work & Face Eviction

As millions of people in the U.S. lose work and face eviction due to the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, the 1% have seen a massive increase to their wealth, with Amazon founder and world’s richest person Jeff Bezos recently adding an estimated $13 billion to his net worth in a single day. World-renowned political dissident Noam Chomsky says the corporate windfall is yet more evidence that the U.S. is run “essentially by the corporate sector” for its own profits. “They’re just running wild.”

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    • You know the situation is bad when a world renowned linguist can't even find the words to describe it.
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        Wallace Ahtone
        Wallace Ahtone
        One man gets a 13 billion dollar stimulus, while tens of thousands of children are starving to death! You either have to be a sadist or a shill to defend something like this! SMFH
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        • Duncan MacDonald4 months ago

          13 Billion in a single day. I'm sure that will trickle down any moment now lol.

          Tyler Hackner4 months ago

          The working class gets screwed over once again

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            garden boots4 months ago

            "A massive enrichment of the super-rich in the corporate sector, under the cover of the pandemic."


            Gianfranco Fronzi4 months ago

            Time to take your government back, seriously.


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            • Karen Grice4 months ago

              We saw the biggest transfer of wealth in history directly to the 1%. It was supported by both republicans and democrats. Neither party represents the interest of the 99%! We can blame Trump, but both parties are responsible. We need new political parties that represent labor and the environment or we are finished.


              Rayn Wolfsbane4 months ago

              Dr. Chomsky is looking more and more like Nostradamus


              Ruth de Nova4 months ago

              Prfessor Noam Chomsky a universal intellectual, a legend and my brother, who professes the truth to the world of the mind, who gives vision to others to know the reality of the evil powers of evil politicians and their evil accomplices and, their evil avarice for world domination and the killing of countless helpless humans. I love you and I honor you Professor Noam Chomsky. All my respects and my profound

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                Gianfranco Fronzi4 months ago

                This is what makes America great, the fact that you can get killed by your own government.


                Anidiqua Ojala4 months ago

                God Bless you Mr Chomsky


                1. Karbaschi4 months ago

                I love this man. He is gold. I hope there would be someone else like him after him. May he live long and keeps informing the people.

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                • Jay Frederick4 months ago

                  Noam always hits the bullseye. We are lucky to have him on this planet.


                  1silvervespa1 month ago

                  REMEMBER WHO ELSE TOLD YOU THIS ABOUT CORPORATIONS ? George Carlin ..... Frank Zappa ... YEAH YOU NEVER LISTEN .


                  Spice Insights4 months ago

                  I’m a little sad that Noam has to see all this

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                  • slothsgonewild4 months ago

                    Was he fighting back tears at the end? Damn.

                    Nicole Cordova4 months ago

                    We ? you Noam!?


                    More Love4 months ago (edited)

                    Evil leadership, demons with human bodies

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                    • bansraj mattai4 months ago

                      Nothing will change even if Biden wins since both major parties dance to the tune of the corporations, military, pharmaceutical, et al.

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