Building a Foundation for the Moroccan Talents

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Building a Foundation for the Moroccan Talents

Salam & Greetings to Morocco & to all friends of Morocco around the globe, is inviting all Moroccan talents, researchers and students to share with our community their achievements, their vision and how WE can contribute & share knowledge with our community in hopes to inspire & influence our new Moroccan generation to be successful & make a better tomorrow for Morocco as well as around the globe.  

One of our objectives is to stimulate young Moroccan students & researchers to present and discuss their work and utilize this platform to connect with other professionals and researchers who exhibit great skills in any field such as Technology (AI, IT & Cloud), Medicine, Business, Finance & Economy etc in hopes to foster exchange of ideas and learn from the experts who have been there & done that.  The aim is to support & encourage the young Moroccan generation by building a sound foundation for them upon which their career can take off and be successful.      

Lastly, I'd like to share with you this great motivational video. I can't remember how many times I've listened to it & still do today. The world would have been in a better place if we can only be RESPECTFUL & KIND to one another..  

Please join us..

Kind Regards,
Jalil Abouariss Founder