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Forget 5G - China Outpaces US with 6G Tech


China has launched a rocket carrying 13 G6 satellites into space. Scientists worldwide are collaborating to study the effects of terahertz waves in space, a kind of radiation that allows data to travel 100 times faster than today’s wireless technology. RT America’s John Huddy reports the exciting details before economist and founder of Democracy at Work Richard Wolff joins Rick Sanchez to discuss China’s meteoric advances in information technology.

The Long March 5 Y-4 rocket, carrying an unmanned Mars probe of the Tianwen-1 mission, takes off from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Wenchang,
Hainan Province, China © Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins

China on its way to Mars

China has successfully sent 13 satellites into orbit this month with a single rocket, including the world’s first 6G experimental satellite. RT correspondent John Huddy looks at Beijing’s space ambitions.

China led the world in the number of launches per year in 2018 and 2019. It is upping the stakes in the space race by launching 32 rockets so far this year, and could hit 40 by the end of 2020, Huddy says.

“China’s Tianwen-1 probe is currently on the way to Mars” and the country is expected to launch another rocket, the Chang’e-5 with a lunar sample return mission, later this month.


Source: rt.com

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