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Morocco Becomes First Country to Sign Green Partnership with EU

Casablanca - Morocco and the European Union (EU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of a green partnership on Tuesday, October 18 in Rabat.

The new agreement -- which aims to boost climate change cooperation, expedite energy transition projects, and promote the green economy -- makes Morocco the first country to conclude a partnership of this kind with the EU.

The memorandum was signed on behalf of Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita and the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of the Green Pact Frans Timmermans. 

Speaking on this occasion, Bourita emphasized the EU’s choice of Morocco as the first country to sign the green cooperation.

“Why a green partnership and why Morocco? First, because there is a coherence between the priorities of the place and the priorities defined by King Mohammed VI,” Morocco’s foreign minister said. “For years the King has made the fight against climate change and the promotion of renewable energy an important axis of Morocco's development strategy.”

“The new development model that has been presented to His Majesty the King makes the energy transition and the promotion of renewable energy a fundamental part of the development of the kingdom in the next 15 years,” he added. 

Bourita highlighted Morocco’s achievements in the field, specifying that the country has some of the region’s most advanced solar, wind, and hydraulic energy programs.

He also emphasized Morocco’s existing links with Europe, saying the existing connection infrastructure puts Morocco in “a special place” with regard to the environmental agreement.

The Moroccan diplomat also stressed the importance of the agreement to Moroccan-European relations, expressing satisfaction at how the ties persisted and retained their momentum through the challenges facing the world today.

“We can say Morocco is a natural partner of the European Union in this domain,” Bourita added.

“Morocco is a leader in Africa when it comes to the fight against the climate crisis and environmental degradation,” Timmermans said. “The Green Partnership that we have concluded today harnesses our joint commitment to take action against climate change and to grasp the economic opportunities inherent in the green transition.” 

“Together, the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco can set the course for a healthy climate, a thriving environment, and prosperity for all,” he added.

Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Leila Benali, Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mezzour, and Minister of Economy and Finance Nadia Fettah Alaoui also attended the signing ceremony. 

The agreement aims to establish a green partnership between the partners in the fields of climate changemitigation, energy transition, environmental protection, and the development of green and blue economies.

The Morocco-EU green partnership will allow the partners to get closer to their shared objective of becoming low-carbon economies on the path to climate neutrality, while protecting their energy supplies.

It also seeks to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy through investments in green technologies, renewable energy generation, sustainable mobility, and clean industrial output.

In addition, the pact intends to strengthen the involvement of the private sector in the green transition, including the mobilization of investments, as well as stronger contact with financial organizations and European cooperation agencies.

The signed green partnership is part of the existing framework of Morocco-EU ties, under which the two partners hope to address issues of mutual interest.

The agreement also guarantees that follow-up mechanisms such as ministerial meetings, monitoring committees, and a corporate forum are established.
Source: moroccoworldnews 

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