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Ramadan 2021: Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours Globally

Greenland will experience the longest fasting period while New Zealand will have the shortest.

As Ramadan 2021 has started for some countries, others all over the world are getting ready to fast daily from dawn until sunset. During the month of Ramadan, the hours of fasting differ from one country to another depending on their geographical location.

The holy month of Ramadan begins approximately 10-12 days earlier each year. This year, Ramadan is set to start mid-April.

Ramadan is again, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions.


According to Forbes Middle East, Muslims in Morocco and Egypt will fast for the longest period in Africa, ranging from 14-15 hours. Ethiopia, Senegal, and Nigeria will fast from 13-14 hours.

South Africa will have the least number of fasting hours, at 11-12 hours.

Middle East

Turkey will have the longest period of fasting in the Middle East, Muslims there will break the fast after 15-16 hours.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, and Lebanon will fast for around 14-15 hours while Muslims in Yemen will experience the shortest fasting hours in the region, 13-14 hours.


The Nordic countries generally have the longest periods of fasting. Muslims in Iceland will fast for 19-20 hours while Sweden, Norway, and Denmark will fast for 17-18 hours.

Muslims in France and Switzerland will fast for 16-17 hours while those living in Italy, Spain, and Greece will fast for 15-16 hours.

The Americas

Muslims living in South America, including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay will fast for 11-13 hours, depending on the exact location. Fasting for 11-13 hours is considered to be short in comparison to other countries.

However, Muslims living in North America, including Canada and the US will fast for 15-16 hours, which is the average number of fasting hours compared to Muslims living in Greenland who will fast for 19-20 hours.


In Asia, the fasting period will last for approximately 16 hours. Muslims in China will fast for 14-16 hours, North Korea (15-16 hours), Japan (14-15 hours), and India (14-15 hours).


Similar to countries in South America, Australia, and New Zealand will be among the countries with the shortest fasting periods this year. Muslims living in these countries will fast for 11-12 hours.

When is Ramadan 2021 starting?

In order to determine when the month of Ramadan begins, countries depend on astronomical calculations and the sighting of the crescent moon.

In Africa, Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta and Tunisia’s Diwan Al-Ifta have announced April 13 as the first day of Ramadan.

Morocco, meanwhile, will celebrate the first day of the holy month on April 14.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, and Lebanon started fasting on Tuesday, April 13. While Oman will start fasting on April 14.

As for Europe, the French Council of the Muslim Religion (CFCM) announced April 13 as the beginning of Ramadan.


Source : Morocco World News.

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