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Morocco: Fourth Biggest Melon Exporter to the EU in 2020

Morocco has positioned itself as the European Union’s (EU) fourth-biggest supplier of melons in 2020, representing 5.9% of all the EU’s melon imports.

According to data from ICEX, while the EU imported a total of 851,037 tonnes of melons in 2020, Morocco exported 49,970 tonnes to the various EU Member States.

Total EU imports of melons in 2020 were valued at €738 million (MAD 8.37 billion), representing a sizeable market opportunity for Morocco, whose exports stood at €59.8 million (MAD 678 million). 

Morocco’s melon exports to the EU grew by approximately 10% when compared to 2019.

Among other biggest melon suppliers to the EU is Spain, which is the de facto importer of melons for the continent, followed by Brazil, the Netherlands, and then Morocco.

Spain exported 318,730 tonnes of the sweet fruit in 2020, which represents a drop of more than 11.25% compared to the previous year. 

Brazil exported 164,860 tonnes of melons to the EU in 2020, while the Netherlands sold 108,160 tonnes of melons to the EU. Following Morocco’s 49,970 tonnes, Costa Rica supplied the European Union with 35,040 tonnes of melons last year.

Spain’s shrinking exports come hand in hand with Morocco’s and Brazil’s growing prominence in the sector. Reflecting the quality of the local fruit, Morocco also has the second-highest priced melons in the EU market, standing at €1.20 (MAD 12.87). The most expensive melons came from France, priced at €1.36 (MAD 14.59).

Morocco’s agricultural sector has been expanding in recent years, earning the North African country the status of a reliable trade partner. 

Last month, Morocco became the third-largest Mandarin exporter in the world. The country is also on the path to become the biggest supplier of fresh produce to the UK.

“Morocco’s attractiveness as a UK source of high quality olive oil, superb fresh fruit, and of top-class vegetables is becoming unsurpassed,” underlined Robert Kimbell, chairman of Time party in the UK.


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