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Lebanon Receives the Last Batch of Moroccan Humanitarian Aid

“The operation was going in good condition,” Moroccan ambassador to Lebanon said.

The Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport received the last batch of Morocco’s humanitarian aid, today, April 20.

The North African country sent aid to Lebanon at the request of King Mohammed VI.

The royal initiative comes after the Lebanese government sought Morocco’s assistance amid the economic, political, and health crises.

The shipment includes 90 tonnes of food aid for the country’s population and army.

Beirut received the first batch of Morocco’s humanitarian aid on April 17 and the second one day after.

Eight military airplanes carried the food aid to Lebanon.

According to Moroccan state media, M’hamed Karine, Morocco’s ambassador to Lebanon said the “operation was going in good conditions.”

Elie Ferzli, deputy speaker in the House of Representatives in Lebanon expressed gratitude for Morocco’s aid.

He described the military airplanes carrying the food aid as “planes of love and solidarities.”

Authorities in Lebanon, including the representative of the Lebanese Army commander, expressed satisfaction with the royal initiative.

Lebanon’s government described the initiative as a “noble humanitarian initiative.”

The new initiative followed a similar action Morocco made following the tragic explosion Beirut witnessed on August 4, 2020.

Following the incident, Morocco’s King ordered military planes to carry health equipment to Beirut.

Morocco also set up a military hospital in Beirut with dozens of health professionals who offered free medical assistance to people wounded from the explosion.


Source: Morocco World News

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