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Morocco's Ambassador to Spain Opens Up on Brahim Ghali Situation

Karima Benyaich, Morocco’s Ambassador to Spain, commented on Spain’s maneuvering in the Brahim ghali scandal.

Morocco's ambassador to Spain Karima Benyaich opened up about the escalation of tension between Spain and Morocco.

Benyaich reiterated Morocco’s steadfast position, deploring Madrid’s decision to welcome Polisario leader Brahim Ghali. The Polisario chief entered Spain, using a fake identity and passport with the country’s knowledge despite the multiple charges he is facing, including genocide, torture, kidnapping, and illegal detention.

Commenting on the situation, Benyaich said that Spain has “disgracefully opted for opacity by maneuvering behind Morocco’s back.”

Spain and Algeria arranged for Ghali’s trip without notifying Morocco. Tension between the two countries intensified in recent days after relaxed control its borders with the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, resulting in an unprecdented arrival of undocumented immigrants. 

Over 8,000 people entered the Spanish enclave in recent days, underscoring the extent to which Morocco’s cooperation with Spain is indispensable for Spain to maintain control over its borders and avoid a massive onslaught of immigrants. The Moroccan government recalled Benyaich from Madrid on Wednesday for consultations after the diplomatic situation between Morocco and Spain reached new lows.

Benyaich said that Morocco is not seeking any favors or special treatment but expects Spain to abide by its commitment and respect “good neighborliness and the strategic partnership” between the two countries.

The ambassador still holds hope to see the Spanish judiciary taking legal actions against Ghali.

Earlier this week, EFE said that Spanish National Court Judge Santiago Pedraz announced decision to reopen the case against Ghali for severa charges, including gnocice

Benyaich said Spain is shirking responsibility by citing “humanitarian reasons” to host Ghali despite his record of human rights violations in the Tindouf camps, including forced disappearence, illegal detention, genocide, and kidnapping.

Benyaich warned that helping Ghali to leave Spain the same way it did to let him in could further escalate tension further.

On Thursday, Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita said that the situation in Ceuta is not the real reason behind the crisis between Morocco and Spain

The Spanish government is using the Ceuta crisis to avoid the real debate behind the rift, Bourita argued, adding that the crux of the matter was Spain’s decision to receive Gali without informing Morocco. 

Bourita also deplored the campaign Spanish media launched against Morocco

Moroccan FMs aid Morocco does not need to be “graded” by Spain, nor its media.

He said that what happened in Ceuta shows that Morocco does 99% of the work, adding that Europe does not give 20% of the cost that Morocco assumes in the fight against irregular migration.


Source: Morocco World News.

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