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Israel-Palestine Ceasefire Begins Today

Israel’s campaign of violence has displaced at least 72,000 Palestinians from their homes.

After nearly two weeks of Israeli violence directed against Palestinian people and their lands, a ceasefire between Israel’s government and the Palestinian Hamas has finally come into effect. 

The ceasefire that began early Friday morning has put an end to 11 days of fighting in which at least 232 Palestinians were killed, including 65 children. Nearly 2,000 Palestinians were injured, and a minimum of 72,000 have been displaced, while Israel has reported approximately 200 injuries from their side. 

On Thursday night, the Israeli security cabinet unanimously voted to end the violence in Gaza, Israeli media reports. Both sides, the Israeli government, as well as the Palestinian resistance group Hamas, have claimed victory over the conflict. 

In an attempt to control the narrative, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims that “Israel didn’t initiate this conflict,” and that they were “attacked in an unprovoked manner.” Yet such misrepresentation completely fails to acknowledge Israel’s ongoing encroachment of Palestinian land and freedom. 

The statement makes no effort to mention the initial violence in Al Aqsa mosque, as Israeli forces launched percussion grenades into the holy site to disperse Palestinians. In a laughable attempt to rewrite history, the Israeli Prime Minister claims that “categorically, there is no army in the world that acts in a more moral fashion than the army of Israel.”

Contradicting Netanyahu’s statements, late last week Yonatan Shapira, a former Israeli Air Force pilot, turned to international media to denounce his home-country’s actions. 

“I realized during the second Intifada that what Israeli Air Force and Israeli military is doing is a war crime, terrorizing population of millions of Palestinians and when I realized that, I decided to not just leave, but to organize other pilots that would publicly refuse to take part in this crimes,” he told the Anadolu Agency.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Israeli airstrikes demolished, totally or partially, at least 18 buildings, of which one was the headquarters of several international media organizations, and one was the office of the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. In addition, at least 40 schools, as well as four hospitals, and a minimum of 19 medical facilities had been damaged or destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Several notable Palestinian figures were killed by the IDF, including but not limited to,  Gaza’s top neurologist Dr. Mouin Al-Aloul, and head of coronavirus response at Gaza’s biggest hospital, Dr. Aymanj Abu Al-Ouf.

For his part, Hamas’ senior leader Khalil al-Hayya said, “This is the euphoria of victory,” adding that, “We say to our people, whose homes were destroyed and those who were displaced, we will build the houses that were destroyed by the occupation, and we will bring back the smile.”


Source: Morocco World News.

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