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Spain Seeks to De-Escalate Tension With Morocco

Sanchez recently said that Spain is Morocco’s main ally in Europe.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that he wants his country to preserve its relationship with Morocco.

He said the relationship between Morocco and Spain and other European Union members must be based “on trust and respect for borders. We have the best disposition to resolve this crisis with Morocco.”

Sanchez arrived in Brussels on Monday to participate in the EU Executive Council, where the Spanish-Morocco crisis was the central focus.

During the council, Sanchez expressed satisfaction with the EU support for Spain.

“We reaffirm total European solidarity with the Spanish government and authorities on the migration issue,” President of the Council Charles Michel said

Michel also warned that the protection and security of the Spanish border is also the border of the EU.

Sanchez also said that Spain is the “main ally” for Morocco in the EU.

El Pais said that while Sanchez was satisfied with the support from the EU, he avoided demanding sanctions or “more pressure” on Morocco.

The North African country already made its position clear regarding the crisis between Madrid and Rabat.

Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita repeatedly said that the crisis between Rabat and Madrid is not due to migratory management.

Spain and its media expressed frustration after 8,000 irregular migrations crossed to Ceuta from northern Morocco recently.

In response to Spain’s criticism that it underestimated Morocco’s efforts in tackling the migration crisis, Bourita said that the North African country does not need to be graded by the Spanish government or its media.

“Morocco has no obligation to protect the borders of countries other than its own,” he said.

He said that if Morocco plays a key role against irregular migration it does that as a “partner.”

Morocco is not the “gendarme of Europe, nor its concierge.”

He warned that the situation in Ceuta is not the cause of the crisis with Spain.

Bourita said that Spain created the migration crisis due to its decision to host Polisario leader Brahim Ghali.

Spain allowed Ghali to enter the European country with a fake identity and passport.

Ghali used a fake passport as he is wanted in Spain for several charges, including genocide, illegal detention, rape, torture, and kidnapping.

The Moroccan FM said that the situation will only aggravate if Spain allows Ghali to leave its territories the way he entered.

He explained that Spain did not consult the EU before making a decision to host Ghali.

"Madrid has created a crisis and wants Europe to assume it,” he said.

Source: Morocco World News.


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