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Algerian Ambassador Photoshops Moroccan Ambassador Out of Meeting Picture

Algeria’s ambassador  in Budapest, Hungary Ali Mokrani drew criticism, sarcasm and mockery after using photoshop to fake his presence in a virtual event.

The ambassador used photoshop to remove the picture of Morocco’s ambassador in Hungary Karima Kabbaj.

Kabbaj participated in a webinar on the potential of ACFTA and the development of economic relations between Afrca and Europe.

The group of African Ambassadors organized the webinar.

The Algerian ambassador, however, used photoshop to remove Morocco’s ambassador and fake his attendance in the event, sparking mockery among internet users.

The Algerian embassy in Budapest posted the fake photos on its Facebook but removed it after controversy.

Some media described the act as surprising. This is not the first time an Algerian diplomat uses photoshop in a hostile act against Morocco.

Earlier this month, Algeria’s embassy in Morocco stirred controversy for blurring a photo of King Mohammed VI wth Algerian ambassador Abdelhamid Abdaoui.

The embassy deleted the photo after a torrent of criticism and mockery against the embassy.

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Morocan officials and government  repeatedly reacted against Algeria’s hostility against Morocco and its territorial integrity.

Moroccan officials suggested that the progress in Morocco  country was the reason behind Algeria’s obsession.

Algeria backs Polisario’s independence claims. The government of Abdelmadjid Tebboune continues to back, arm, and train Polisario members.

The Algerian government also makes attempts to interfere in Morocco’s domestic affairs. In addition to its hostility against Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, Algeria also criticized the country’s decision to adopt a bill legalizing the use of cannabis for medical use.

Some officials in Algeria also said that the maghreb Union should not include Morocco.

In February, leader of Algeria’s Movement of Society for Peace party (MSPà Abderazak Makr called for excluding Morocco from the Maghreb Union project.

"It is imperative to exclude Morocco from the AMU, since it has brought the Zionist enemy [Israel] to our borders and we no longer trust them," Makr said at a press conference in February.


Source: Morocco World News.

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