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Spanish News Outlet Slams Spain For Offering Impunity to Polisario Leader

The Spanish news outlet said the national court refused to take into account a complaint filed by over 200 Canarian victims who were subject to Polisario’s “terror attacks.”

A complaint from the Association Canaria of Victims (Acavite) lists serious crimes Polisario leader Brahim Ghali committed against Spanish citizens.

Spain’s National Court had initially “made sure” that it did not know about the complaint from Acavite, OKDIARIO reported on May 31.

The report said the complaint’s first page carries the signature of Spain’s highest court.

The  complaint, which the Spanish outlet said it uncovered after a brief investigation the national court appeared to have purposefully neglected, is said to be the only document that could help take Ghali to prison. The three other complaints in consideration at the court do not include any of the Spanish victims, who described Ghali’s cimes as “terrorist attacks against Spanish citizens.”

In the complaint OKDIARIO unveiled, victims said Ghali’s criminal actions included terrorist attacks “against the Spanish civilian population and national interests.”

But the victims have to go to the court to check the status of their complaint or resubmit it again for the court to take it into account, OKDIARIO said.

“The most scandalous thing about the issue is that, despite the fact that OKDIARIO has been informing the National Court for ten days that this complaint exists, no one has bothered to search the drawers,” the Spanish news outlet explained.

According to the complaint, 281 Canarian victims were subject to terror attacks commited by Ghali without any judicial intervention from the Spanish court.

“So far, no responsible perpertrator-murderer and/or inducer of all these terrorist atacks, commited by the Polisario Front, have been tried for these crimes of terrorism carried out against Spaniards.”

Despite such overwhelming evidence, “no Polisario members  have ever served prison sentences or asked for forgiveness for the crimes against Canarian victims,” OKDIARIO added.

The Spanish news outlet also condemned the absence of any compensation for the victims. 

Although the Spanish government recognized the crimes committed against the victims, Polisario chief and other members “continue to enjoy total impunity in Spain.”

OKDIARIO also lashed out at the Spanish government for protecting Ghali, saying that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez allowed his entry in April  with “total connivance.”

Brahim Ghali traveled to Spain for medical treatment on April 18 after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Spain and Algeria arranged his visit - under fake identity and with a fake Algerian diplomatic passport - without consulting Morocco.

Algeria and Spain attempted to keep Ghali’s trip a secret, but Moroccan intelligence detected his presence at the Madrid hospital where he had been admitted.

Morocco issued strong-worded statements regarding the Spanish decision, saying that such an act broke mutual trust and could cost the two countries’ long-standing diplomatic ties.

On Monday, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita said Ghali’s appearance in court “underlines the responsibility of Spain towards itself.”

While Morocco is satisfied with the recent developments, it has maintained that Ghali’s appearance in court does not “constitute the basis of the serious crisis between the two neighbouring countries.”

The official said the summoning of Ghali is only the beginning of a first  recognition of the rights of victims, as well as of the criminal and penal responsibility facing Ghali.

Bourita also recalled the inhumane conditions Sahrawi women, children, and men are facing in the Polisario-run camps in Tindouf.

“These are only the complaints that came to light. What about all the children, women, and men who endure the horrors of the ‘Polisario?’”

Ghali appeared in court today after Spain received pressure from Morocco and the separatist leader’s victims.

But it remains to be seen whether the Spanish judiciary will imprison Ghali for his proven association with several first-degree crimes or turn a deafear to the complaints filed by his victims.


Source: Morocco World News.

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