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Moroccan Delegation to Participate in the CES Vegas 2022 Exhibition

For the fourth time in the Consumer Electronic Show’s (CES) 55 year history, a Moroccan delegation will represent start-up inventions from the kingdom. 

The Cluster of Electronic, Mechatronic and Mechanics of Morocco (CE3M) and the Aerospace Moroccan Cluster (AMC) partnered with the Moroccan Aerospace Industries Association (GIMAS), the Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, and the US Embassy in Morocco to support the Moroccan delegation’s participation in the annual tech event. 

“The Moroccan delegation will support startups that want to exhibit their innovations related to the consumer electronics industry at Eureka Park, as well as the leaders of Moroccan companies wishing to visit CES 2022,” states the CES Morocco webpage.

Set to take place in Las Vegas between January 5 and January 8, 2022, the event will feature the world’s most innovative consumer electronics such as artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, augmented reality gaming equipment (AR), and several other futuristic technologies. 

The CES 2021 was held in an online platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the CES 2019 exhibition, nine Moroccan inventors showcased new technologies such as a solar panel regulating and maintenance device, an intelligent sensor to improve waste management services, and an intuitive glove to aid in communication between the deaf and those that do not understand sign language.

50 project leaders applied to participate in the 2019 event, however, only 26 Moroccan startups were selected to pitch their products to a council of experts. One of the nine Moroccan finalists secured a nearly $500,000 investment from investors. 

According to CES Morocco, the 2022 event is set to feature 42 product categories, 4,500 companies, and approximately 170,000 attendees hailing from 167 countries. The Moroccan delegation will present their products in the event’s Eureka Innovation Park which will “return with startups representing countries around the world, including large delegations from France, Italy, the Netherlands and South Korea.” 

Moroccan inventors must apply to the CES Morocco’s registration portal by July 31, 2021. By October 2021, the selection committee will announce 11 startups to represent Morocco in the 2022 event. 

In addition, CES Morocco will donate a maximum of MAD 200,000 ($22,450) to the selected startups to “demonstrate the potential and the feasibility of the innovative project.


source: moroccoworldnews

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