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Polisario Front Leader Renewed His Spanish ID in 2016

Brahim Ghali was allegedly in possession of a valid ID earlier this year when he visited Spain, Spanish media have revealed. 

Spanish police confirmed he was admitted to a hospital in Logrono under the false identity of “Mohamed Benbatouche,” but they also reported Ghali was in possession of a valid Spanish ID with his legal name that was issued in 2006 and renewed in 2016. The DNI card listed his place of origin as Smara.  

The information was reported in a letter to the Spanish National Court from the General Police Information Commissariat. The letter also states that Ghali was previously registered in Spain’s Foreign Identification Number system. 

Spanish lawyer Antonio Urdiales, who filed a formal accusation against Ghali for using false documentation during his trip to Spain, stated that Ghali’s entrance into Spain to renew his DNI in 2016 coincided with formal accusations for genocide brought against him after his inauguration as president of the disputed Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

In a letter Urdiales sent  to the 7th Court of Instruction of Zaragoza, he petitioned the court to seize files related to the issuance of Ghali’s DNI and NIE documents. The lawyer also proposed that the judge order military officials at Zaragoza air base to investigate whether the military police “controlled access to the military installations of the base,” and whether they were present when an ambulance arrived to transport Ghali from the Algerian plane. Lastly, he called for investigations into which security personnel were responsible for the security zone and their identification “by name and surname.” 

Urdiales, along with several other human rights activists, previously voiced concern over Spain’s failure to prosecute Ghali for charges of human rights violations and his presentation of a false identity while in Spain. The militia leader left Spain in June after spending several months at a hospital in northern Spain for COVID-19 treatments. After a judge refused to bring Ghali to trial for the charges, Spain allowed Ghali to leave on an Algerian plane, which quickly transported him to the Algerian capital.  


Source: Morocco World News.

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