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Moroccan Armed Forces, AFRICOM Host Africa Endeavor 2021 Symposium

The military symposium was hosted virtually, and included about twenty African nations.

Several military officials across Africa gathered from August 16 to 19, in an international meeting referred to as Africa Endeavor 2021. 

The Moroccan Royal Armed Forces (FAR) collaborated with nearly twenty other African countries, as well as the US and several international organizations in a four-day gathering of military officials hosted virtually. Africa Endeavor is an annual meeting between leaders of the United States Africa Command and the leaders of several militaries on the African continent. 

The purpose of the gathering is to focus on communications and opportunities to improve training between armed forces throughout the continent. The symposium reflects the “close cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States, stated the Head of the Information and Communication Systems Protection Division of the Communications Inspectorate of the General Staff, Lieutenant-Colonel Adil Allali. 

Some of the aspects addressed during this year’s meeting include the strengthening of both security and cybernetic aspects in the respective armed forces. Experts from each country gave presentations detailing “different facets of interoperability and cybernetic security of military information and communication systems,” in order to facilitate information exchange with allies in the region. 

Colonel Jesse Phillips, an official from AFRICOM, reported the meeting was part of US efforts to “support our partners to improve their defense capabilities.” Phillips maintained the continuing strengthening of interoperability was “essential” in ensuring successful military partnerships in Africa. 

The strategies discussed at Africa Endeavor 2021 will be employed by forces in the region, notably the African Standby Force. The African Standby Force is a multinational force that is responsible for peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, and assistance and relief across the continent. 


Source: Morocco World News.

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