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The traveler who's spent the entire pandemic backpacking

After working in a corporate job for a number of years, budding photographer Tomas Hromjak decided it was finally the right time to take the year-long backpacking trip he'd been planning for years.
Hromjak, from Kosice, Slovakia, quit his job and bought a round-the-world ticket, which would see him visit destinations such as New Zealand, Australia, Los Angeles, Colombia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bolivia and Germany.
In December 2019, Hromjak set off on the international trip he'd been dreaming of for as long as he could remember.
However, things didn't quite turn out how he'd imagined. Just a few months into his travels, Covid-19 began to spread around the world, leading to widespread border closures and national lockdowns.
Not only did the chaos that ensued see him spend over six months in a place he'd only planned to visit for two weeks, he was also forced to abandon sections of his trip.
But while other travelers might have been tempted to pack up and go home, Hromjak has persevered. Last month, he marked two whole years on the road.
And far from being disappointed by the situation he's ended up in, Hromjak feels incredibly lucky to be one of the few backpackers to have visited some of the most unique destinations in the world at a time when many travelers have been shut out.
"I'm seeing the world from a completely different perspective," he tells CNN Travel from Guatemala. "For me, traveling is about experiencing and learning something new.
source: Tamara Hardingham-Gill, CNN
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