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Spain Suffers Gas Shortage After End of Maghreb Europe Agreement

Rabat - Spain Medgaz has reported  54 hours of "restrictions" in the transfer according to Spanish outlet OKDiario. The restriction took place from November 29 to December 1. 

Medgaz, a Spanish firm dedicated to the development of gas infrastructure in the country, announced the restrictions on November 30.

The gas "restrictions" happened in the operations of gas transfers via the Medgaz pipeline, which connects Algeria directly to the port of Almeria.

The company did not link the gas supply shortage to the "restriction of the flow through the [pipeline] on the Algerian side." The International Energy Agency’s Executive Director Fatih Biral however blamed “the deliberate policies of energy producers” for Europe’s soaring energy prices.

The restrictions occurred only one month after Algeria decided not to renew the Maghreb Europe gas agreement amid rising prices for gas in Europe ahead of a particularly cold winter.

The issue is creating a lift in EU politics, with Spain and France among others demanding reform of the European gas market, while a bloc led by Germany opposes such changes.

Pedro Sanchez has placed hope in this pipeline to face the repercussions of the end of the Maghreb Europe agreement.

Spain has been suffering a reduced gas flow since November 24, when Enagas reported on the daily evolution of gas stock. The report confirmed 13 hours of minimum distribution of gas.

Algeria has traditionally supplied 45% of the gas consumed in Spain. The Maghreb Gas Pipeline had been in operation since November 1996, transporting over 13,500 million cubic meters of natural gas each year.

Amid tough political tensions between Morocco and Algeria, the Algerian president decided to terminate the Maghreb Europe agreement on October 31. Now, Medgaz is the only firm that remains active in supplying gas from Algeria to Spain.

British company Sound Energy announced on November 30 that it is bidding for a  “gas sales and purchase” agreement with Moroccan Office Electricity and Water Office (ONEE) to revive the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline.

Source: Morocco World News

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