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Agadir-Bound EasyJet Flight Diverted in Portugal

Fez - An EasyJet flight heading to Morocco’s Agadir from Luton, a city located in eastern England, had to make an emergency landing at Faro Airport in Portugal after the plane’s captain sustained an injury.

According to UK outlet The Daily Mail, the captain suffered a dislocated shoulder, forcing the plane to request an emergency landing at Faro airport, where he received the necessary first aid and was transferred to the hospital for further examination, the news outlet reported today, April 14.

Meanwhile, the flight’s co-pilot landed the plane safely at the airport, as the captain suffered great pain and couldn’t perform his duties.

In the distress call to air traffic controllers, the co-pilot said the captain had become ‘incapacitated’ and asked for permission to land, while the passengers were informed that the plane was diverting due to an on-board emergency.

Switzerland airlines offered the passengers an overnight stay at one of Faro’s hotels before continuing their journey the next morning.

The Daily Mail quoted an EasyJet spokesman saying: “EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY2213 from Luton to Agadir on 10 April diverted to Faro due to the Captain requiring medical assistance. The First Officer landed the aircraft in line with standard operating procedures and the Captain was met by paramedics on arrival.”

The spokesman then went on to convey the airlines' apologies to its customers for the inconvenience that resulted due to this unexpected incident, stressing that the company brings both passengers and crews’ safety at the forefront of its interests.

The unusual cockpit incident caught pilots off guard as many pondered about the nature of the injury and its potential causes.

“I have never heard of a captain dislocating a shoulder during a flight,” a pilot told Daily Mail.

The Luton-Agadir line is one of the many flights that EasyJet operates in Morocco to connect the North African country with several European countries.

Switzerland airlines have a special program in the summer season that connects Morocco with France, the UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, among others.

Source: Morocco World News.



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