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Moroccan Author Mounia Tazi Shares ‘Tips and Tricks’ For Happy Work Space

Rabat - The Moroccan marketing and branding expert Mounia Tazi launched on Tuesday an e-book titled “Happiness in the Balance: Achieving Harmony in Work and Life.” 

Now available in English, French, and Mandarin, the e-book was published by AuthorHouse UK International and Amazon. The book, which also has an audio version available on Amazon, is a practical guide that shares realistic and practical advice with managers aiming to improve their teams’ and organizations’ performance.  

Tazi’s workspace happiness-themed e-book is a first of its kind in Morocco, said a press release, adding that the book provides “realistic and concert action plans” for “managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, startup [owners], and anyone wishing to flourish in their professional and personal lives.”

The over sixty pages book offers tips and tricks proven to be effective for improving the performance of managers and organizations by providing a work and life balance to their employees. 

Citing studies from Harvard and MIT, the press release argued that happy employees are twice less likely to fall sick and six times less likely to skip work. By contrast, they are 31% more productive and 55% more creative.

Basing the book on her research and experience, Tazi said that the guide is the fruit of her personal journey to find “true happiness and balance” between her work and personal life. 

“My discovery began with this personal epiphany that led me to study strategies to actually implement happiness in life, applying the techniques I have developed,” she explained. 

As Morocco’s first Chief Happiness Officer, Tazi graduated from the Woohoo Inc for Happiness at Work in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world. 

Recalling her experience learning the science of positive psychology, the Moroccan author noted that she wanted to provide her francophone and anglophone readers with “THE reference book in the subject” while simplifying the suggested strategies “in a pedagogical and pragmatic way.”

For Tazi, a book is an act of sharing. Her primary motivation, she pointed out, was to share with a larger public the tips and knowledge she has accumulated over the years. With her new book,  Tazi wants her outreach to go beyond the young startuppers she has mentored and the participants who have attended her talks and training sessions across the world, notably at the Happiness Summit Miami and eBay New York Conference.

Tazi holds an  MBA in management and leadership and a master’s degree in communication. Her academic and professional training in marketing and branding, along with her unique learning experience in Copenhagen, has allowed her to create “Happynation Boost,” a movement that aims to raise awareness about the benefits of happiness on the health of employees. 

Source: Morocco World News.

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