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Rabat - Morocco’s national carrier Royal Air Maroc has canceled flights scheduled for January 19-20 from and to Paris.

“Due to the public service strike notice, we are forced to cancel some flights on January 19 and 20 from and to Paris,” Royal Air Maroc announced on Wednesday night.

The carrier emphasized that it provides an option to reschedule postponed flights on its website.

Royal Air Maroc’s decision comes after the announcement of a national strike in France on Thursday, January 19.

The strike is in response to France’s intention to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64.

The strike is affecting several services in France.

Air Traffic Controllers will only provide minimum services, which will affect flights to, from, and within France.

National carrier Air France also issued a press release, indicating that all airlines are set to reduce their flight schedule to and from Paris Orly by 20%.

Media outlet France 24 said that the strikes affected several other services, including schools and businesses.

“Trains ground to a halt in France on Thursday, schools were shut and businesses disrupted as workers walked [out of] their jobs in an attempt to derail a planned pension reform that would see the retirement age pushed up by two years to 64,” the news outlet said.

Public figures and celebrities joined the chorus to denounce Macron’s reforms.

The celebrities signed an appeal launched by French news outlet Politics against the “archaic and terribly unequal” reform project.

“For six years, Emmanuel Macron has been determined to impose on the country a pension reform that the French do not want,” the news outlet said.

Over a hundred French personalities have signed the appeal.

Source: Morocco World News.