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Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Morocco has remained an attractive location for foreign investors due to its political stability, continual developments, and progressive reforms.

Morocco’s Ambassador to Poland Abderrahim Atmoun signed a declaration of intent for new Polish business cooperation in Western Sahara. The new agreement will promote the production of both civil and military transport and logistics equipment for Poland.

Also signing the declaration were representatives from Chimide Polska and Zamet-Glowno, two Polish companies involved in the manufacturing of military-style specialized containers.

Chimide Polska also develops solar panels and structures for target shooting and military exercises. 

The Polish delegates noted Morocco’s stellar track record for development in its southern territories. 

Speaking about his company’s interest in Western Sahara, Krzysztof Teodor Biesiadecki of Chimide Polska lauded Morocco’s “climate of stability enjoyed by the kingdom, its development dynamics, and the audacious reforms launched by HM King Mohammed VI ." Morocco has exhibited a history of political resilience despite regional instability since the 2011 Arab Spring. 

In January 2021, other Polish investors signed business agreements in Morocco’s southern region.

ALUMAST, EV Charge, KZWM Ogniochron, and FlyArgo saw great investment opportunities in the Sahara as Morocco intends to assert itself as the “Gateway to Africa.”

SantanderTrade underlined Morocco’s strengths in foreign direct investments (FDI), describing the country as a “strategic location between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa” and offering a “young and relatively well-trained population.”

Morocco has implemented a variety of development projects in its southern provinces to enhance international interest and investments in the region. 

After former US President Donald Trump recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, many international actors showed interest as well. 

Many partner nations showed their support for Morocco’s autonomy plan by establishing consulates in the southern cities of Dakhla and Laayoune. 

Although Poland only has one consulate in Agadir, the recent increase in Polish interest in the region suggests the European country may someday support Morocco in its quest for more international recognition of its territorial sovereignty. 

Morocco also seeks to benefit economically from FDI’s in Western Sahara as foreign investments accounted for MAD 13.8 billion ($1.56 billion) from January 2020 to November 2020.

Despite the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Morocco continues to welcome new investors from abroad.


Source: Morocco World News.