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Need help flying cats

Hey! I hope you're amazing.

I need help with flying a cat to the US. I've been rescuing cats since 2018 and got stuck in Morocco (41 cats so far + dog) because there were very few adopters.

As there are no pet relocation companies in Morocco, I need help with flying the cats (only 1 cat per passenger) - 12 of them were accepted in American shelters (Indiana and Massachusetts)

If you know anyone who's going to either one of those destinations or want to adopt, that'd be extremely helpful.

Besides all fees, I'll reward $200 every person traveling to these destinations to onboard a cat and willing to help.

I'm trying my best to find a solution.

I spent thousands on ads in various social media platforms to find serious Moroccan adopters, but without success.

Now, besides vaccines, I had to get them all blood work to be eligible to travel to North America.

Now, I'm stuck in transportation. Any solution would be very welcome.

Thanks a lot!


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