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Greetings Family ! 

I am inviting all Moroccan students, friends & colleagues from USA & around the globe to share their IT & Cloud knowledge with our community in hopes ALL OF US can collectively make a difference to inspire and influence the new Moroccan generation & all friends to be successful in launching their careers in Cloud technology which is a huge marked as we speak not just in USA, but around the globe. Furthermore, working remotely has become the new trend. Therefore, there is no need for you to travel anywhere, you can work from your basement, in fact I do too smile. As long as you have the right skills & a good character which is very crucial in building a successful career - rest assured companies will find you. Being smart without a good character will NOT get you anywhere - please keep that in mind.

Lastly, I can't stress this enough - cut down on your games & avoid wasting too much time on Social Media. Of course, have fun but at the same time when you spend over 2hrs a day on these Social Media just to kill time, that becomes an addictionValuable resources are limited and time is our most valuable resource. We can optimize our day or prioritize some choices over others, but we cannot create more time or replace the time we have wasted on activities that add no value to our lives. However, we can take advantage of Social Media to do other things that add value, things that are more productive such as sharing knowledge and exchanging views.  Bottom line, we should care about how we can use our limited resources and use them wisely.

Yeah, I sound like your Father now, right ? indeed, that's what I've been telling my kids, and now you are part of the family smile

“ Happiness comes when your WORK and WORDS are of benefit to yourself and others..”

I came across this quote years ago the day I took my son Ayoub on his 1st day in Kindergarten. I've lived by this quote since.. 
Please join me on this great journey in hopes we make a better tomorrow for you, for me, for our family, for Morocco as well as around the globe.   

>> How do I get started ?

I created this Group called [ CloudMorocco Group ] for all of us to use & share knowledge, ask questions and to stay in touch with me.

> Please follow these steps:

   1. Visit
   2. Create an Acct. You have 4 options to access MA community Via: Facebook, Google, Linkedin or { Sign up }
        You should see the Login Form (similar to below) on front page Or click here to Login/Signup to
   3. Confirm your email (please check your SPAM box confirm it is not a SPAM)
   4. Back to
   5. Login if you are not already logged in
   6. Click on {+} sign on top right
   7. Click on {Group}
   8. Choose {CloudMorocco Group } 

>> Now, this is very IMPORTANT ! Lets say you have a question for me or for the Group. For instance you have a question about ALB vs NLB (Application Load Balancer Vs Network Load Balancer)
  > Please follow these steps to make sure your questions come directly to me and only to the members of our Group:
    1. Go to this group { CloudMorocco Group } assuming you are already logged in
    2. Click on {+} sign on top right of the page
    3. Click on { Discussions }
    4. Follow the steps on the screenshot below:


5. Last step - Very important !  in {Visibility} field below >  Select { CloudMorocco Group } (see below)



Hope to see you online soon !

Jalil Aboufariss Founder

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Hello Everyone,

I will be posting some AWS Cloud Docs soon, you can go over them on your free time, and please DO NOT hesitate to ask questions on this Group. I will make time to answer all of your questions. For now, I am in the process of relocating to Florida, I am planning to start the courses online sometime early next month.. At the meantime, please check this group periodically for updates..

>> To ask questions, please follow these steps:
Lets say you have a question for me or for the Group. For instance
"what is Cloud ?"
1. Make sure you are on to this group { CloudMorocco Group } assuming
    you are already logged in
2. Click on {+} sign on top right of the page
3. Click on { Discussions }
4. Fill out the Form accordingly
    > in category:  choose {CloudMorocco - IT}
       > in {Visibility} field >  Select { CloudMorocco Group } 
5. Submit.

Now, I will be able see all of your questions on this group, nobody else on this site will see our chats & questions, only the group members can see each other's chat & questions..

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Hi Jalil,

First of all.. Hats of to your efforts and initiatives. Its awesome.

I'm actually interested in your Terraform POC. So I just want to understand the integration part of tf into the awx. How you are configuring tf into the awx environment.

If possible share your code. Hope I can also contribute.

Anyway... Thankyou for the video. 




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Super ! Merci bcp Jalil ! Tu es adorable !

with love !