Wake up Call ! Are you listening to Cell Towers across your bedroom ?

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I came across this video on TED talk which you can see below or directly at: https://lnkd.in/egcw-su - First thing that came to mind is while the world is trying to find a vaccine to fight this lethal virus, we tend to forget the cause of these Viruses, otherwise I am afraid we won’t be able to exit out of that REVOLVING DOOR. In this video, Mr. Jeromy asked: "Is the FCC Protecting Us ? " my answer is, as long as this country promotes what-is-so-called "LOBBYING" which is basically a vehicle used by the giant Corps to push thru their agenda regardless of the consequences, things will never change. Back home in Morocco, we call such a practice "RACHWA" which means "CORRUPTION" plain & simple. You can literally build homes on the top of a Nuclear Wasteland as long as you give the Government a percentage of your ROI, hence "LOBBYING". Please take a look a the picture attached (from right) which I myself took during my visit to Morocco about a year ago. I was driving by & I had to pull over to take this picture. Cell Towers are on top of homes around the city. I showed this picture to my friends who live in Morocco, they started laughing & they said why am I surprised - the Government is allowing that.. Now, I see similar practice right here in USA.. It is very said, America used to lead by example..

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