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3D Scanning Technology is Making its Presence Felt in the Real World

3D scanning analyses an object from the real world, for collecting all the data for creating its appearance and shape, digitally. Because of this process, the object can turn out to be a 3D model, helping you as a base for the 3D project that is to be developed, but it can also come good for reconstruction, analyzing, or simulation of ideas.

Different methods and machines are there to 3D scan objects. There are various ways for creation of a digital version of a real object. There are three main 3D scanning methods, Laser 3D scanning, photogrammetry, and structured light scanning.

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Working of 3D Scanning

Laser 3D scanning

Laser 3D scanning is the most 3D scanning technique. Digitally capturing an object’s shape with the use of laser light to get a digital representation of the real object. These scanners can measure fine details and capture free-form shapes for generating highly precise point clouds.

This technique comes good for measuring and inspecting complex geometries. It lets getting data and measurement from where it is not possible with traditional methods.

A scanner is bit like a camera, it can just capture what is in its view. With this procedure, a laser line or dot is projected on an object from the device and a sensor tracks the distance to the surface of the object.

With processing, it can be transformed into a triangulated mesh, and then a CAD model.


Photogrammetry uses the parallax gotten between more than a few pictures, taken from diverse points of view. Photogrammetry can be utilized for recording complex two-dimensional or three-dimensional motion fields. It reproduces the stereoscopic vision of the binocular human vision, and it is utilized for getting all info of prevailing physical objects. Certainly, this procedure collects the data with regards to the shape, the volume, and the depth of an object, which is scanned.

This is the technique utilized for turning various pictures into a precise 3D design. It won’t give the most precise result, but using a good photogrammetry software, the result can surely be satisfactory.

Structured Light Scanning

With this method one of the positions of the camera used in preceding scanning approaches is replaced by a projector projecting diverse light patterns on the object’s surface. The way the objects distorts these designs is recorded, letting the creation of the 3D scan.

How to Make Use of 3D Scanning?

3D scanning can be an easier and faster technique for the creation of a 3D model for 3D printing if the existing object is to be recreated. Once the 3D model is in place, modifications can be made to it.  

Applications of 3D Scans

The medical industry is prominently using this scanning technology. It helps to create formed to measure patient prosthesis, from 3D scans. The usage of 3D scans is fairly popular in the dental industry, for instance, for observing, simulating options, or even creating some dental devices, such as braces, dentures and implants. Making the use of 3D scanning and 3D printing is perfect for avoiding all the holdbacks of molds and the whole procedure of making these molds.

The Last Words

Various industries are making the use of 3D scanning technology in the world, and this is the prime reason of the increasing demand for this technology.

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