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The well-known Dutch crime journalist Peter R. de Vries is believed to have been shot and wounded in an attack in Amsterdam.

Dutch crime journalist Peter R. de Vries was shot and wounded by a gunman in the center of Amsterdam on Tuesday evening local time, Dutch media reported.

De Vries was taken to hospital in a seriously wounded state, reports said.

He had reportedly been taking part in a television show where he was a regular guest.

Police were said to be looking for a suspect wearing a dark-green jacket.

Unverified footage shared on social media showed De Vries lying on his back with blood on his face.

In 2019, De Vries wrote on Twitter that he had been informed by police and justice officials that he was on the hit list of a fugitive criminal.  

From 1995 to 2012, he hosted a highly popular Dutch television program on crime that covered high-profile cases.

source: dw.com